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Are you playing the right clubs for you???
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A key ingredient to improving your golf game is having properly fit equipment.  Our Professional Staff has been “certified” as a club-fitter to provide you, our customer, with properly fit equipment.

At The Athens Golf Center our Club Fitting professionals will be able to provide you with a “tour quality” experience as it relates to fitting golf equipment.  We will utilize cutting edge technologies and the “hands-on” experience of our Professional Staff.
The club fitting process begins by evaluating the player’s current set and determining where there is room for improvement. Next, we test a variety of clubs.  We have demo clubs from all the top manufacturers. In the testing process we focus on which clubs are most appealing on the basis of look, feel and, most importantly, performance. After the manufacturer and club model have been selected, our Professional Staff begins to assess the thirteen different fitting variables (including shaft length, shaft composition, shaft flex, grip size, grip composition, head design, set composition, the proper loft and lie angle, etc.)
Lie angle, the relationship between clubface and the shaft is, in our opinion, the most critical component of proper iron fitting. We also focus on set composition during your fitting, identifying the yardage gaps in your current set and make well-informed suggestions based on our findings. We are capable of providing professional club fittings for all 14 clubs here at The Athens Golf Center. After a fitting we order the desired clubs which typically will arrive within seven to ten business days.

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