Practice BallsDriving-range-bucket

Small Bucket (40 balls) $7
Medium Bucket (75 balls) $11
Large Bucket (105 balls) $14
XLarge Bucket (125 balls) $16

Membership Debit Cards


You Pay      We Add      Card Value

     $50                     $10                       $60
     $100                   $30                       $130
     $200                   $70                       $270
     $300                   $120                     $420
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  1. Do you all provide a service where I would be able to rent the entire driving range for an hour on two for friends?

  2. Doug,

    We have never been asked this question but I am sure we could work something out. Is there a day or time you were looking at?

  3. Are there any options for monthly or annual memberships?

  4. Are the heated bays available today? When will the simulator be available?

  5. Ryan,
    While we do not have memberships at this time, it is something we are looking into. Right now we do offer specials where you can pay $50 get $60 pay $100 get $130. Feel free to reach out on social media for a faster response and to let us help you with the cards if you are interested

  6. Ricky,
    The heat is currently out in the bays. They are covered and open on a first come basis every day

  7. Patricia Stephenson


    I would like to buy a couple of lessons for my son’s birthday. Please advise how to book or to buy a gift card for a day or a couple of days.

    Thank you

  8. Patricia,
    Thanks for reaching out! I am sorry as our website does not always do the best job of notifying us when a message comes through. Please reach out to jason Worrell at 859-229-9996

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